5 Health Benefits of Skiing Holidays

Skiing holidays promise breathtaking mountain views, cosy ski villages, and the rush that racing down a mountain brings. Despite all being valid reasons to holiday in Morzine, read this article and you’ll find out about the health benefits you never knew existed when you take a ski break at our luxury chalet.

Mountain Air

Many Doctors over the years have prescribed mountain air to their patients as a natural balm for respiratory ills.  This is no surprise as, although the air is thinner at high altitudes, the air is much purer. Mountain air is free from pollution and harmful fumes that we are used to in urban environments. For holidaymakers with allergies or breathing difficulties, a skiing holiday can have significant soothing benefits.

Vitamin D

You may be surprised to know that winter in the alps can be a great time to get a dose of vitamin D. Due to the altitude, even if the air temperature is below freezing, you are almost guaranteed sunnier weather at lower elevation. This makes ski holidays the perfect way to get vitamin D during winter to boost your immune system and fight off any colds that may be lurking.

Better Sleep

Due to the exertion of using your feet all day, and the all body workout that skiing promises, a ski holiday is sure to tire you out! Thanks to the physical exercise, fresh air, and reduced stress levels, skiing is an effective way of regulating your body clock and getting those much needed z’s. And because you’re better rested, you’re able to throw yourself down the mountain again the very next day! You’ll leave the mountains feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the office again.

Mood Boost

Because of the endorphins that your body releases through exercise, the physical activity that goes hand in hand with a Morzine holiday is sure to trigger some feel good moods. The adrenaline rushes and stunning scenery does wonders for your overall state of mind, and you will be better equipped to face life when you leave with a fresh outlook.

Get Fit

Depending on your BMI and how hard you ski, it may be possible for you to burn almost 3,000 calories a day! A ski holiday on the slopes is a fun alternative to losing weight without realising it, and even the cold air will cause your body to shed the pounds by burning calories to heat up again. Some fitness experts claim that a week away skiing in Morzine can cause you to lose up to 5lbs which is much more exciting than a sweaty session in your local gym!